Help deliver the UK’s best payment solutions to the healthcare sector


Treatment Pay deliver the best patient self-pay services.

Our streamlined self-pay options help millions of patients pay for their treatment via credit card, of finance. Enabling them to get their treatment when they need it.

About us

With decades of experience in the healthcare sector, our dedicated team of experts in patient finance are always committed to helping our customers.

Based in the North West of England, our mission is to increase the GDP of SME clinics country wide. We are hear for you very step of the way. 

We are a finance based company who specialise in cutting edge technology to enable clinics to easily process payments.



We offer a range of payment services to our customers. 

Credit card payments

Use our online forms to take your patient’s credit card payments. You can then receive automated reports to let you know how business is going.


Once you have taken one credit card payment, you can opt to save the patients details for next time, making future payments easier.

Full end-to-end service 

We know that payment is not just a single transaction. Our intelligent systems help you at each step, keeping you up to date with the information you need.

Transparent pricing

Our transparent pricing is not only competitive, but also has no hidden costs. You can count on us to be fair as we want your business to succeed.

Cash flow management

We will improve your cashflow process by looking after the small tasks. With our automated emails and reporting, invoicing has never been easier.

Fully integrated systems

We even offer integration with the UK’s leading patient finance company Chrysalis, so you can offer your patients more options, when they need it.

"Future Pay has transformed my career. With thoughtful mentoring, honest feedback and job progression - I've never been happier! "

James Davis, Sales Manager

"Looking back I'm not sure how I worked in other environments. Every day is a pleasure working with this professional team who know how to enjoy their day.

Stephanie Rawson, Customer Services

"I've never come across a team as dedicated to the healthcare industry as the lovely staff at Treatment Pay. Every day I'm learning how to do my job that little bit better."

Tyler Shaw, Marketing Assistant

Life at Treatment Pay

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